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$50,000 Paranormal Challenge

Anita Ikonen Paranormal Challenge


Anita Ikonen Fails the Preliminary Demonstration

On November 21st, 2009, the IIG administered a Preliminary Demonstration for IIG $50,000 Paranormal Challenge applicant Anita Ikonen. The demonstration consisted of three trials, wherein Ikonen was faced with six people who were sitting away from her, and whose faces were obscured.

Anita during test

In each of the three trials, one person was known to be missing a kidney. That meant that of 12 possible kidneys, one was missing. Anita had to determine which kidney was missing.

Anita explaining how she marked her selections

On her sheet, she was to mark which kidney was missing (right or left) on the diagram of the person corresponding to the kidney. She had to choose correctly on all three trials in order to succeed, and move onto a formal test which, if she was successful, would earn her $50,000.

James Underdown showing the audience the result

Anita did not succeed. She chose incorrectly on trial one, chose correctly on trial two, and chose incorrectly on trial three. Anita failed the Preliminary Demonstration and this failure has falsified her claim to be able to see inside of the human body and accurately determine if a person is missing a kidney or not. A detailed report will be posted here soon.

Preliminary Demonstration Protocol

Press Release

Unedited Recording of Preliminary Demonstration
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