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$50,000 Paranormal Challenge

Independent Investigations Group
$50,000 Paranormal Challenge
Applicant: Regen Traynor

Demonstration Protocol

This is a demonstration of telepathic transmission.
Regen Traynor (hereafter “subject”) will attempt to look at playing cards from a standard deck one at a time and send the identity of each card to a person whom Regen will supply (hereafter “receiver”).

Below is how the demonstration will be conducted:

  1. A deck of 52 standard playing cards will be shuffled several times.

  2. Each card from a shuffled deck will be turned over – “face up” – in front of the subject one at a time. Subject will not touch the deck or the individual cards at any time.

  3. Each card to be sent will be recorded in plain view of all present for the subject and the IIG to see. (Subject may also record the cards that were sent as long as IIG may observe that the cards are being recorded accurately by the subject.)

  4. Receiver will be in another room out of sight or hearing range of the subject.

  5. Subject will focus on each card and mentally send it until receiver has recorded what card it is. Receiver will have 1 minute each to decide which card was sent. When the receiver writes the card down in plain view of all present, the card chosen will be verified and recorded by the IIG, and the subject will be notified by radio that the receiver is ready for another card.

  6. That process will continue until subject goes through the whole deck of 52 cards.

  7. IIG may pause during the demonstration to confirm that the protocol is being met.

  8. Both subject and receiver will be videotaped during the demonstration.

  9. Subject and receiver will be in different rooms and subject will be able to see receiver on a video monitor. Receiver will not be able to see or hear subject.

  10. Subject may not make any sounds or attempt to communicate with the receiver at any time during the test. Subject may not engage in any of the following that will include but not be limited to:

    1. Speaking (this includes, coughing, sneezing, throat-clearing and any other sounds.)
    2. Foot-tapping
    3. Knocking or any other forms of noise that can be used as communication.
    4. Using walkie-talkies or any other electronic devices including cell phones.
  11. Subject agrees to use only his own mental powers to send the card identities to the receiver, and not attempt to cheat in any way.
  12. Neither subject nor the receiver will have any devices (electrical or otherwise) that are capable of transmitting or receiving information. (Subject and receiver agree to be checked for transmitting devices before the demonstration.)
  13. In order to be considered a success, receiver must accurately record 7 out of the 52 cards that are sent telepathically.
  14. If receiver accurately records 7 of the 52 cards in this demonstration of his ability, subject will be eligible to try for the IIG $50,000 prize at a later date to be mutually agreed upon by subject and IIG.

I agree to this protocol.

_______________________ Date _________
Regen Traynor

_______________________ Date _________
James Underdown

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