IIG Public Update #8

March 2008

One of the biggest developments in February was, well, bigness.  Our ranks grew with a swell of new members in 2008, and with 36 active members, the IIG is now as large as it’s ever been.  We have photographic proof (from our February meeting).

IIG February General Meeting

Here’s the latest:


Bob T. from New York still wants to give a demonstration of his healing powers, but he hardly accepts a controlled environment:

I was recently at the local Bally's and I worked with a fellow who had a cherry red, itchy red scally [sic] 2 by 3  patches near his elbows on both arms.  I placed the palm of my right hand an inch away from his arm; and the itch, that was an 8 on a scale of one to ten; was a 0 in a few seconds[.]  Imediately [sic] the itch was gone, and both patches faded to the point of 70-80% gone in a few minutes time.  Cherry red to a pink color on one arm, and a pink, red color on the other.  I saw him a week later, and there was no trace, his skin looker [sic] normal; and both patches were gone; and the symtoms [sic] never returned.  If I was to produce a video that was OBVIOUS [emphasis his]; would your organization except that?

IIG Chair Jim Underdown made it unambiguously clear that while such a videotape would be instructive, a live demonstration would be necessary to qualify for the challenge. We await Bob T.’s response.

Speaking of Bobs, CFI-LA’s own Bob Ladendorf has recovered from his broken hand.  Bob T. had originally offered to psychically heal Bob L.’s hand several months ago, but since the healing happened on a normal timeline, this too will not qualify for the challenge.

Bob Ladendorf's naturally healed thumb


The correspondence between Billy Meier proponent Michael Horn and IIG member Derek B. continues to be documented at http://www.iigwest.org/investigations/meier/horn.letters.html.

For those of you who lack the intestinal fortitude to parse Horn’s convoluted comments, here is a summary.  Derek B. claims that the tree in Billy Meier’s 1970’s films and video is a model simply because the evidence suggests that it is THE SAME TREE in different locations. If the tree is a model, then the UFOs are also models, and therefore more likely to be the garbage can lids that they resemble, rather than advanced, faster than light vehicles of extraterrestrial origin. Occam’s razor, anyone?

Michael Horn also has a tendency to quote people as being favorable to the Billy Meier case, but when Derek B. contacted several of the people quoted it turns out that Michael Horn misquoted them.  Here is an example.  In the recent DVD "The Silent Revolution Of Truth" Michael Horn makes the following statement:

"Six professors of forestry looked at Meier's photos and looked at the trees and each one determined that the trees are full size mature trees and not models."

The names of the forestry professors are then displayed on-screen for the viewer.

Silent Revolution of Truth DVD Forestry Experts

Here is Professor Edward C. Jensen’s response:

"An estimate of tree height (actually only the top portion of a single particular tree) that I made several years ago in good faith has been taken out of context and misused to purport things that I did not intend.  Further, my observations have been misappropriated and misapplied to photographs that I have never seen and situations that I have never reviewed.  I want to assure you that I have never purported to authenticate any photos of alleged UFOs for Mr. Deardorff, Mr. Meier, Mr. Horn, or anyone else.  Nor have I ever purported to determine the authenticity of any trees in any photos of alleged UFOs for anyone."

More details can be found here: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread336632/pg1.


Nick Nelson of Montana (www.goldenvortex.com) has applied for the $50,000 claiming that his “Golden Vortex” will alter the appearance of himself in relationship to an objective observer.  The development of a testing protocol is very complicated, but we are on the case.  Nelson has agreed to fly out to L.A., so this may happen soon.


Anita Ikonen of “Vision From Feeling” is an applicant for the IIG $50,000 paranormal challenge.  She claims to “to know about the health condition of people” with her “extrasensory perception,” and she has been keeping her own monthly updates at http://www.visionfromfeeling.com/challenge.html.

The biggest stumbling block in the design of this test is coming up with verifiable, and unambiguous “conditions” for her to diagnose.  We selected the three least ambiguous categories from her list of claimed abilities <http://visionfromfeeling.com/page3.html>:

  • Missing teeth.
  • Abnormal skeletal structure.
  • Eyesight (specific, and independent results for each eye, with a percentage of accuracy to be agreed upon).

We are currently awaiting her response.


Our investigation of NBC’s pathetic “Phenomenon” came to a close, just as the series came to a (possibly permanent) close. Skeptical Inquirer magazine published our report on Criss Angel’s skepticism, and it is available on our website.


Mark Z from north of the border claims that he will predict the winning numbers in the Canadian Lottery.  He has sent in a formal application, and we are trying to calculate the odds of him doing this by chance before we accept his testing protocol.  In meantime, the IIG Steering Committee wonders what he wants with our $50,000 if he can win the lottery.


There were some exciting new IIG website updates in February. Check out our updated links page, our new Google-powered search functionality (see the upper-right corner of the page), a 2005 interview with IIG members on Rick Wood's Audiomartini show, an updated paranormal challenge form, and Jim Underdown's article in Skeptical Inquirer (see above). You may also notice a few visual improvements here and there. Also, the IIG now has a page on Wikipedia! That's right, we're legit now.


Enjoy Albert Einstein’s Birthday, Harry Houdini’s Birthday, Pi Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and the vernal equinox.


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